About Us

APPA is an association of medical directors, medical advisors and medical scientific liaisons working within medical affairs departments of Australian pharmaceutical companies.

Members work within the pharmaceutical industry to help bring innovative medicines to Australian patients by supporting the development, licensing, monitoring and marketing of these medicines. They also build relationships with the medical community to promote the pharmaceutical industry.

APPA meets fours times a year to discuss issues facing the industry as well as to network. Meetings are held at the conference facilities of the Macquarie Graduate School of Management at Macquarie Park in Sydney and now GSK in Melbourne. Its annual general meeting is held annually in December when the Executive Committee is elected to administer the affairs of the association.

APPA has increased its focus on the development of the MSL/MM/SA/MA roles recognising the need for a cohesive and progressive professional society which encompasses Australian Medical Affairs within the Pharmaceutical Industry. APPA is committed to driving Australian Medical Affairs as an evolving profession. Currently, APPA has around 250 active members.

APPA is aligned with ARCS Australia and Medicines Australia. It is a member association of the International Federation of Associations of Pharmaceutical Physicians (IFAPP). APPA supports the Masters of Pharmaceutical Medicine qualification of the University of New South Wales.