Our Vision and Mission

  • Our Mission
    (the purpose)
    What we do, for whom, and how

  • To provide the Medical Affairs community in Australia with a discussion and networking platform to discuss strategy, topics and issues relevant to the pharmaceutical community in Australia

  • Key drivers
    (How should one act that drives the culture)

  • Planning: Having a clear Medical Affairs strategy and a year-plan for our QGM topics, APPA exec’s conference attendance, MD lunch agenda
    Internal coms: Topics/agendas need to be tabled timely and subsequent actions need to be agreed upon by the exec committee
    External coms: Identify external stakeholders and seek communication endorsement from exec committee

  • Strategic initiatives
    (planning to advance APPA for the coming years)

  • Provide appropriate systems & processes

  • Provide scientifically engaging meetings

  • Provide platform to discuss and voice strategic direction

  • Provide clear stakeholder engagement plans

  • Tactics

  • Optimise systems for:

    1. Membership/billing (ARCS)
    2. E-Communication (Website, LI)
    3. Fully utilise MyInteract platform (e.g. survey, content)
    4. Agenda input 2w prior, agenda sent 1w prior, minutes sent 1w post meeting (shared on drive)
    1. Have a year plan
    2. Seek member input into relevant topics, issues
    3. Reassess start time of QGM?
    4. Repository of scientific meetings on MyInteract
    1. Be the driver/voice for MA Code of Ethics discussion
    2. Develop Fair market value general guidelines
    3. Role clarity MSL/MM/MA
    4. Accredit medical affairs training providers
    1. Identify external stakeholders (n=4-5)
    2. Define engagement and strategy plan for each
    3. Define and implement APPA branding strategy
  • Measurement Milestones

    1. Quarterly finance/membership update & ease of working w ARCS
    2. Redevelop website by Q3
    3. Having a survey at each QGM
    1. Year plan finalised by Q2
    2. Integration into MyInteract Q2
    3. Survey members and implement
    4. Have all content online
    1. Regular meetings with MA
    2. Partner with SydUni/UNSW
    3. Have APPA generic job description and role clarification
    4. Determine MSL curriculum
    1. Stakeholder plan for top 5 external stakeholders
    2. Execution according to plan and measure impact and success
    3. Test APPA brand awareness