• APPA QGM Mar 2017

    30 March 2017
    APPA Survey & Plans – MSL Excellence – Collaboration
    Our first Melbourne meeting

  • APPA QGM Jul 2016

    21 July 2016
    David Grainger, a Senior Director in the Global Public Policy group at Eli Lilly, will be speaking about the role of the patient in the PBAC/PBS process; Andrew Moore and Matt Martin from Interact Technology will be demonstrating our new member-only App (called APP-A); and Michelle Gallaher of The Social Science will discussing the emerging role of social media in pharma.

  • APPA QGM Mar 2016

    10 March 2016
    Nick Lush, the Editor of Pharma in Focus, will be speaking about putting the media into medical – how can we move medical affairs forward together; and Dr. David Cade, Chief Medical Office of Sirtex, will talk about the sphere of responsibility of medical affairs within an Australian start-up.

  • APPA AGM Dec 2015

    3 December 2015
    James Boyce – Director of Communications and Government Relations at Medicines Australia will speak about valuing the innovative medicines industry: a year of political challenges and the work ahead to change perceptions in Australia.

  • APPA QGM Sep 2015

    18 September 2015
    Dr Saxon Smith – President, AMA (NSW) Board of Directors will be speaking about his passion for public health and patient advocacy. He will also provide a perspective on the AMA’s vision for modern Australian healthcare as well as discuss the role of the pharmaceutical industry in improving the lives of Australian patients.

  • APPA QGM June 2015

    11 June 2015
    Tim James (CEO of Medicines Australia)
    Medicines Australia and its Strategic Priorities