APPA Meeting: Aspirations in medical affairs - 4th June 2020 - APPA members Only (See emails for Zoom dial-in details)

  • APPA QGM Mar 2016

    10 March 2016
    Nick Lush, the Editor of Pharma in Focus, will be speaking about putting the media into medical – how can we move medical affairs forward together; and Dr. David Cade, Chief Medical Office of Sirtex, will talk about the sphere of responsibility of medical affairs within an Australian start-up.

  • APPA AGM Dec 2015

    3 December 2015
    James Boyce – Director of Communications and Government Relations at Medicines Australia will speak about valuing the innovative medicines industry: a year of political challenges and the work ahead to change perceptions in Australia.

  • APPA QGM Sep 2015

    18 September 2015
    Dr Saxon Smith – President, AMA (NSW) Board of Directors will be speaking about his passion for public health and patient advocacy. He will also provide a perspective on the AMA’s vision for modern Australian healthcare as well as discuss the role of the pharmaceutical industry in improving the lives of Australian patients.

  • APPA QGM June 2015

    11 June 2015
    Tim James (CEO of Medicines Australia)
    Medicines Australia and its Strategic Priorities

  • APPA QGM Mar 2015

    5 March 2015
    Mendel Grobler (Director – Strategic Access and Policy, Pfizer)
    The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme: Bent, overspent or just spent?

  • APPA AGM Dec 2014

    4 December 2014
    Mr Peter Stephenson (Multichannel Marketing Manager @ MSD) will be speaking about how new digital technologies are reinventing healthcare as healthcare professionals and patients increasingly embrace digital technologies.

    Annual General Meeting and election of APPA Committee.

  • APPA QGM Aug 2014

    20 August 2014
    Geoff McDonald (General Manager, GSK) and Deborah Monk (Compliance Director, Medicines Australia) will be speaking about the revised Medicines Australia’s Code on Conduct, including Transparency and the reporting of payments to healthcare professionals.

  • APPA QGM May 2014

    22 May 2014
    Ms. Catherine King, Shadow Health Minister, will be speaking on major issues in the federal health portfolio, specifically the Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme; as well as responding to any proposed changes to health policy that may be announced in the May budget.

  • APPA QGM Feb 2014

    10 February 2014
    Dr. Martin Cross, Chair of Medicines Australia will be speaking about the future of the Australian pharmaceutical industry and some of the many challenges facing the industry.

  • APPA QGM Jul 2013

    24 July 2013
    Dr Dominic Barnes, Vice President and General Manager of Shire Australia will be speaking about transparency of payments and transfers of value between healthcare professionals and the industry. Where do we need to go?