Membership Costs

Individual Payments



Company 10-19


$2 500

Company 20 plus


$3 000

Terms and Conditions

I attach my Curriculum Vitae for the information of the Executive Committee, in support of this application.

In the event of my admission as a member, I agree to be bound by the Rules, as outlined in the Constitution, this
document to be made available to me upon request. I undertake to support APPA in its mission, goals and objectives,
shall endeavour to maintain active participation in the activities when possible and to pay the annual fees and

I understand that my application may not be accepted in accordance with the APPA Constitution, and accept such
decision by the APPA Executive without prejudice and accepting no further recourse.

I hereby agree to my name and details being included in the Register of Membership of APPA and consequently being
available to the membership, employees and delegated authorities. I understand that due care will be taken by the
Association to protect my privacy and that such details will not be disclosed to outside persons or institutions without my
expressed permission. I undertake to update the Association of changes in my details, qualifications and employment,
should these occur.

I confirm all details and information declared in this application to be true and accurate and I will supply proof of this
information if requested.



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