APPA Webinar – teletrials and tribulations (Oct 22nd, 2020)

1/3 of patients in Australia live outside of major capital cities but most clinical trials are placed in metropolitan centers.

The Tele-trial model is gathering pace and could be a huge step forward in addressing inequity and create a win-win-win for patients, sponsors and investigators alike.

Join our speakers for an exciting webinar on Oct 22nd, 2020. ( Zoom dial-in details will be sent via email)

Prof John Zalcberg: Head, Cancer Research Program. Monash University – Chair, Australian Clinical Trials Alliance (ACTA)

Prof Sabe Sabesan: Director of medical oncology

Anita van der Meer: Manager– ClinicaltrialsNSW

Peter Komocki:  Manager, Industry and Regulatory Policy at Medicines Australia